Radiohead Tribute Band

Idioteque: Canada’s Finest Radiohead Tribute Band

May 10th, 2024 at Hope United Church

Founded in 2010, Toronto’s best and busiest musicians dare to take on Radiohead’s most challenging material and all the classic hits, accurately recreating true-to-recorded versions, spanning ALL of Radiohead’s studio albums, plus some B-sides and rarities.

Having gained a huge following in a very short time, and selling out the majority of shows they play, Idioteque blows audiences away with their high-energy performances, attention to detail, and passion for the music.  

Idioteque has also presented several special projects, including performing the entirety of OK Computer for its 20th anniversary, all of In Rainbows for its 10th anniversary, a tribute to the 90’s “MTV Unplugged” series, featuring all-acoustic arrangements and a string quartet, and much more!!

Don Scott – lead vocals, guitar
Jessica Stuart – guitar, vocals
Charles Tilden – guitar, vocals
Teri Parker – keyboards
Liam Smith – bass
Ernesto Cervini – drums, vocals


Idioteque on tour